Issuetrak as a Cross-Organizational Tool

Jan 7, 2016 2:44:30 PM / by Heather Lancaster

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Sometimes when we start working with a new customer, we all think we’re looking at a self-contained project. But when the client sees how the issue tracking software works, and asks “can you help us do this too?” everything changes. The application spreads to many different areas, some of which are a far cry from the original brief. This was the case with a higher education customer, where they continue to expand the use cases for the Issuetrak application as a cross-organizational aid to excellence.

Here’s a brief overview of how they are implementing Issuetrak today:

Access Control Office for security

The Access Control Office, or the ACO, is responsible for providing security for persons and property within University facilities though the installation of electronic access control systems. The department grants and regulates access to their faculty, staff, and student employees by generating all User IDs and PINs for authorized individuals. The ACO now uses Issuetrak to maintain and monitor all permissions. Faculty and staff submit ACO-related requests via an electronic form or by email. Issuetrak allows the ACO immediately to log sort, organize, prioritize and process all incoming requests. As a result, the access process is streamlined and more secure.

Parking Services efficiency

The University’s Parking Services department includes several internal groups, each handling large numbers of issues and requests every day:  Regulations and Restrictions, Transportation Services, Registration, Enforcement, Event Parking, and more.

For example, the Regulation and Restriction group deals with anything to do with the campus parking lots and parking garages.  Many of their issues are related to maintenance. Transportation Services handle the shuttle bus schedule and regulates other public transportation. The Registration group handles all parking registration for the University, ensuring that all passes are recorded, updated and monitored. The Enforcement group specializes in violation control, administering fines and associated. They are also responsible for coordinating the clamping and towing of errant vehicles as well as tracking the many appeals against fines.

Using the Issuetrak application, each group is now easily able to track any type of request or issue, whether it’s maintenance or administering a parking ticket. Notes or documentation can be attached to each issue so that records of fines, payments, or fixes are all recorded. Issuetrak allows the department to stay organized, view outstanding issues at a glance, and maintain control even during hectic events activity.

Custodial Services

The Custodial Services department is in charge of routine cleaning, and emergency and preventative maintenance. In order to handle the high volume of requests, they have a roster of employees on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The previous manual system made it difficult to track the progress of so many requests, and time to resolution was slower than the University wanted. With the Issuetrak system, authorized users can now submit requests via an online form, immediately creating open tickets for Custodial Services to process. They’re also able to log larger trends, such as time spent on each request, type of request, and which teams work on which tasks.

Security Patrol

Security Offices within Universities have a multitude of tasks on their hands. They provide round-the-clock services seven days a week, 365 days a year. Security departments usually have several state certified police officers, security officers, telecommunication personnel, and various administrative support personnel. The department is responsible for implementing investigations, tracking incident reports, sorting and investigating anonymous tips, submitting crime reports, and investigating missing persons.

The Issuetrak application now creates a workflow to track, prioritize, and assign all requests to the appropriate team members. The software can also be configured to assign certain issues automatically, saving even more time. The system also logs the time spent on each request and automatically notifies the requester when the issue is closed or resolved. As a result, department managers are able to identify trends, areas of best practice and items for improvement, and users are assured of receiving updates in a timely fashion.

Cross-Organizational Value Add

According to the University, the Issuetrak system has made a major contribution to efficiency across all the departments in which it has been implemented. A number of important processes have been streamlined which frees up valuable staff time for other key activities; and it’s an easy matter to track and monitor outstanding issues, as well as to identify areas of excellence that other departments can emulate.  The University continues to explore new ways to use the Issuetrak application - a truly cross-organizational tool.

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Heather Lancaster

Written by Heather Lancaster