Tailoring Software to Fit: The Vendor's Role

Jun 1, 2016 3:40:29 PM / by Sarah Spangler

During recent discussions with a number of analyst research firms, I have been exploring ideas about the user requirements likely to shape the future of the business process tracking, help desk and customer service software tracking space. Everyone seems to view the drivers and challenges from a different perspective, but we are all broadly in agreement about some key topics, such as co-creation/customization, data analytics, configurability and future focused development.

Within these topics, though, it seems that the definitions are incredibly loose.  I’ve been driven to write about co-creation after reading some recent reports where co-creation is described as the joint development of internal solutions between internal IT teams and their users. While there’s definitely an important role for this type of customization, it’s a different take from ours, where we define co-creation as a mutual effort between us and our client to create a highly tailored version of our solution that is specific to their organization alone.

This co-creation approach is ingrained in our company culture, going back to the days when Issuetrak’s main offerings were custom software solutions, and continues to shape the way we engineer our software.  But that’s not the only reason why we do it.

In the face of disruptive technology innovation and business change, a common thread among potential purchasers of business tracking software is their need for agility, flexibility and ease of implementation and use. But the similarity ends there. No two organizations are the same.  You couldn’t possibly compare the requirements of cruise ship entertainment systems with those of sewage container companies or HR benefits companies, or car hire firms with coal-face trucks or software companies. We don’t.  We work with our customers to adapt our core solution to their requirements, and do this in a very short time frame.

Force-fitting a solution that doesn’t match the way a company operates is not conducive to long-term success. We believe – and this is reinforced by our ongoing dialogues with industry influencers – that any business process tracking software must include customization capabilities that provide a platform for customer-driven, co-created innovation. I am convinced that the need for vendor-customer co-creation is causing a wave of change across the customer service and issue tracking industry.

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Sarah Spangler

Written by Sarah Spangler